Are you struggling with chronic diagnoses?
Is the pain & disability of your health crisis keeping you from doing the things you want to do most like enjoy time with loved ones?
Are your days one constant struggle after another?
Do you want to stop jumping around from practitioner to practitioner with no answers?
Does it feel like fatigue and brain fog seem to follow you everywhere?
Has your health journey been paved with roadblocks, frustrations, loneliness and desperation?

If you’re here it’s because you are ready to

  • Finally, be free of and not at the mercy of your diagnosis or health challenges
  • Have a life that isn’t dictated or determined by nagging symptoms and limitations
  • Find balance in all aspects of your life, and put yourself back in control
  • Experience energy and vitality in life so you can be active and productive again
  • Rediscover how good you can feel in your own body

You’re not asking for anything super extravagant or outlandish, you just want to feel good and be your best self again!

I’m Mohita Patel and as a Registered Nurse and Integrative & Functional Health Coach, I use the principles of Functional Medicine to help people become healthier and happier. I don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach because each of us is a living, breathing and wonderfully unique person. By laying the groundwork for good health upfront, we can create a foundation for lifelong wellness.

I was diagnosed myself with an autoimmune disorder in 2011 and had my own share of health struggles. But over time I learned through lots of research, trials and errors simple strategies for changing the trajectory and direction of my health. I have now been symptom and medication free for many years.

It took me years of exploring and questioning to find my way. Eventually, I came across the world of Functional Medicine, learning just how important food and lifestyle are to optimal health. It quickly became a passion of mine and I spent years studying so I could help others in similar situations successfully navigate their own health journeys.

“The key to creating health is figuring out the cause of the problem and then providing the right conditions for the body and soul to thrive.”
– Mark Hyman MD

I want everyone to know that you truly have options even when you feel like you’ve sought out and exhausted every avenue. You don’t have to stay confused, endure the pain, struggle physically and emotionally, unable to do the things that matter most to you whether that’s being there for and with your family, working, travelling or anything else that creates the life you desire.

I share my knowledge and experience so you can know and understand your own body, advocate for yourself and stop being a victim of your health concerns. You no longer have to allow anyone or anything to stand in your way.

If you’re ready to claim your right to good vibrant health and face your challenges with strength from a place of complete empowerment, I’ve got a few options for how we can work together.

Ready to get started on your journey to health?

Curious if this is for you or not sure where to start?

Find more information about working together here.