So what exactly is this Functional Medicine Health Coaching you ask?

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is the operating system if you will, the framework and way of thinking about the body and how it works. Functional Medicine is at its core the way to look at the root causes of dis-ease in the body and to constantly look upstream to see what’s really going on.

Our symptoms whether annoying or debilitating are our bodies way of sending red flags/ messages as early warning signs for us to sit up and pay attention!

So instead of taking symptoms and trying to throw a band-aid and quick solution on it, Functional Medicine takes a big step back and says “Ok so what’s really going on here and why?” “What imbalances and dysfunctions in the body are allowing dis-ease to show up in the first place?”

Every single body is unique and needs to be looked at from that lens when we are trying to address those root causes. There is never a one size fits all solution because there are no two people who are alike physiologically, anatomically, genetically, biochemically, emotionally, and we all have unique experiences that impact our experience of health or lack thereof.

The functional model is incredibly impactful for chronic diseases that are largely a product of lifestyle choices. When applied to an individual’s unique circumstances, we can explore what is at the root of their issues and help turn those around to bring balance and allow the body to thrive.

How does Health Coaching fit in?

86% of chronic disease is driven by lifestyle and diet choices, both things we have control over. But the truth is that most attempts to change aren’t sustained and fail.

It’s not just a matter of willpower.

If it were that simple we’d all be keeping our new year’s resolutions and slaying our goals. That said, working with a coach can be the difference in making those changes both effective and sustainable for a person.

When you work with a coach you get someone who is trained and experienced in guiding habit changes, keeps you accountable, provides support, hacks, tricks, knowledge and empowerment so that you have power over your body and wellness. and education to understand not only the what but the why. With my training in Functional Medicine, I have the unique opportunity to combine both the what of functional medicine and the why and what creates lasting wellness.

“When a plant’s leaves are turning green you don’t paint the leaves green, you look at the cause of the problem. If only we treated the body like that”
– Dr Frank Lipman

As a health coach working within the Functional Medicine framework, I work to bring about balance with three simple principles.

  1. Maximizing the foundational things that you need to thrive
  2. Minimizing the things that are harmful to you
  3. Prioritizing the things that promote an environment for healing

When we balance these areas, it creates an optimal environment for health and wellness to thrive and the body can begin to do what it knows best. Most health issues are chronic in nature and a product of lifestyle choices. We live ourselves into dis-ease, and we can live ourselves into wellness.

If this is something you’re ready for and you’re committed to take on the changes to optimize your health and take back control, I’ve got some options for you:




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